Welcome to Jalapeños in the Oatmeal

Welcome to Jalapeños in the Oatmeal, the Guild for the Blind’s new blog. Jeff Flodin, a published writer and Guild member, will be writing about his quarter century of trials and tribulations associated with losing his vision. His goal is to have the blog be a conversation where thoughts and feelings about vision loss can be shared. Twice a month, Jeff will focus on a facet of the issue that is both helpful and humorous. See what Jeff has to say and feel free to post your own comments to get the conversation started.

Follow this link to return to the Guild for the Blind website

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3 Responses to Welcome to Jalapeños in the Oatmeal

  1. I do agree with you Jeff, except for the graciously part. I have bitched and moaned the whole way. And I’ve got more to do since I can still make out the big E on the eye chart, and, on a good day, one or both of the letters on the second line (usually an S and L.) I started a blog over a year ago in an attempt to lighten up the complaining to my family and friends. By the way, I kind of like the idea of adding jalapenos to my oatmeal and may try it!

  2. Elizabeth Oldroyd says:

    I have enjoyed reading your blogs to date and will look forward to more. I greatly respect the way you have walked through loosing your sight. I greatly appreciate how you strive to maintain your vision, as we all must, in our own lives. I so enjoy your writing, the raw honesty about something I cannot even imagine happening, the sadness at what is no longer and the wicked humor as you meander through the awakening new life.
    You have helped me maintain my vision today, and had me smiling as I did so.
    Thank you, peace my friend!

  3. Gina Falvo says:

    I think this is great; keep up the good work.

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