A Pretty Neat Cell Phone

I like my Samsung Haven cell phone.  It talks to me.  It reads text messages.  It understands my voice.  It does what it’s told.  It’s the best I’ve ever had.

Why, then, do I covet my neighbor’s iPhone?  Am I so childish as to desire only what I do not possess?  Is the Haven symptomatic of my defect of settling for less than I deserve?

We’re not just talking cell phones here.  We’re not talking frivolous gadgets.  We’re talking survival tools.

I have the Samsung Haven because a Verizon Wireless store manager told me in November that Verizon “will never get the iPhone.”  Too bad, I had hoped they would.  But I had researched the Haven.  So, that’s what I got.

I like my Samsung Haven.  I like the downloadable audio tutorial that Karen and Curtis from North Dakota recorded, that folksy couple who sound like Garrison Keillor and how I always thought Garrison’s wife would sound.  I can even order a free owner’s manual in Braille from Samsung.  Now, if only my Braille were good enough to read it.

Why then do I yearn for an iPhone?  Is the grass always greener?  Am I never satisfied?  The thing is, I have the device that improves my cell phone experience.  I want the device that improves my quality of life.

Last week, a Verizon Wireless rep said, “We’ve got the iPhone now.  Pretty neat, huh?”  Right, pretty neat if I could get my hands on one.  Not so neat that I have twenty-one months remaining on my new twenty-four month contract and, therefore, would pay full price of $749 for a 16-gig iPhone.

As I’ve said, the Samsung Haven is a darn good cell phone.  Looks like I’ll enjoy another twenty-one months with it.  Maybe I’ll use the time to improve my Braille.  If I work hard, in twenty-one months, I will be so fluent in the Braille version of the Samsung Haven owner’s manual that I will be able to recite it verbatim without even using my fingers.  Pretty neat, huh?

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3 Responses to A Pretty Neat Cell Phone

  1. Pamela Berman says:

    Jeff, The IPhone is incredible, but since u chose to stay with Verizon u ended up with the best they had to offer @ the time. If u r really longing for an IPhone…possibly u should consider an IPad. It’s my understanding that it’s very similar to the IPhone. Or maybe u should consider purchasing yourself an IPod Touch, also very similar to the IPhone, but u can’t make calls on it.
    After all in a few months everyone who just purchased the IPhone 4 with Verizon will soon be wanting for the new IPhone 5. Honestly Jeff, I don’t think we are in any different situation on this topic then our fully sighted friends:) 21 months will go by very quicly for u & Verizon will probably let u up-grade @ 18 months, so be patient & keep practicing your Braille:)

  2. bethfinke says:

    I, too, am thinkin of getting an iPhone after witnessing the younger folks at the Seeing Eye playing with their phones as we waited for lectures, etc. Will let you know if/when I make the big purchase.

  3. Jeff flodin says:

    Thank you so much, Pam and Beth, for your comments. I hope that the technology available now and what will come soon will improve the safety, the knowledge and the vision of every person, sighted or otherwise, who so wishes. We live in an era of limitless possibilities and access to tools – be they Braille or iThis or that – is a key.

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