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Now Where’d I Put Those Glasses?

I don’t wear eyeglasses anymore.  Don’t need ‘em.  Not that my eyesight is perfect.  Just the opposite. Glasses got to be a bother.  Toward the end, I wore them all the time so I’d know where they were.  If I … Continue reading

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Good Question

I teach taxi drivers about the rights and responsibilities of service animal owners.  Rights are secured by the ADA and the White Cane Law.  Responsibilities are common sense and courtesy: control your dog’s behavior, clean up muddy paw prints and be … Continue reading

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Giving It Away

Helping others is the best way I cope with my own blindness. Now, here’s the back story.  I earned this helpful point of view only after protracted periods of physical isolation and emotional withdrawal.  Whew!  I elevated denial, anger, depression … Continue reading

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