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Randy’s Petting Zoo

The resident artists here in Vermont are curious about Randy and, by extension, me.  Notoriety comes to us not from our own virtue, but from love in the hearts of the beholders toward all God’s simple creatures, namely Randy and, … Continue reading

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Randy, 24/7

Siamese twins, joined at the leash.  Asleep/awake.  Work/play.  Him and me, for better and worse.  Not since training have we been so tethered.  So intermingled. Proximity breeds osmosis.  He amazes me by being adaptable, annoys me by being inconsistent.  He … Continue reading

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New Souls for Old

Dogs are soulful.  Whether they indeed possess souls, I leave in God’s hands. I know what I know from my life. I considered Sherlock, my first Seeing Eye dog, an old soul.  He possessed wisdom beyond intelligence.  He wore life … Continue reading

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Crossing the River

The blind man told me, “Listen to the river.  The river will tell you where you are.  And when you know where you are, you’ll know where to go. So I said, “But wait.  You were there in summertime.  When … Continue reading

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