It Takes One to Know One

Moment to moment, I choose to view this world as harmonious or hostile.  It’s an inside job, this choice I make, independent of the acts of others.  When I maintain harmony WITHIN, I find complimentary energy WITHOUT.  When I choose disharmony, I perceive malice and I behave maliciously.  What I feel, I project; what I project, I attract.

Harmony implies equality, humility and humanness.  In harmony, I forgive others their mistakes as I forgive my own. Harmony equals acceptance.  Disharmony accentuates differences, separating victor from victim, us from them, haves from have nots.  Victims forfeit, then resent power, control and choice.

For me, blindness comes with anger.  Anger at the gods who single me out and anger at people who disrespect me.  As victim, I display the arrogance that my trials are more arduous than yours.  Arrogance borne out of self-pity is the victim’s revolt.  It is reactionary to the nth degree.  It is disharmony of first believing I am less than, then greater than, my fellows.

Back on the street, I realize that when power brokers jostle me, it is my own sense of inadequacy that triggers my resentment. Now a jogger hurdles my white cane and a motorist crowds me in the crosswalk.  How dare they?  I take it personally.  How easily I forget that what others think of me has less to do with me and more to do with them.  Insinuating myself as injured party in their life drama is so egotistical as to be laughable. If I need to inflate my importance, I’ll consult my dog.  Yes, I grumble at the incautious, then dig deep in my harmony bag. Today’s mantra?  Things happen through me not to me.  I am the source rather than the object.  Repeat as needed. 

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5 Responses to It Takes One to Know One

  1. Andrea Kelton says:

    Your poetic words inspire me as I start my day. Thanks.

  2. Jenny T says:

    No truer words have been said. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. On days when it is hard, your words help me get through. Jenny and her wonderful guidedog Blazer

  3. Stella says:

    This is great, Jeff. I like it so much I’m letting readers in an RP group on Facebook know about it. I’m sure they’ll love it too.

  4. Jamie Marks says:

    Just read it through Vision Through Words- thank you for sharing the in’s and out’s of insight. Will be repeating often.

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