Big Fish Story

From the “‘Round the Lake” column in The Wisconsin Daily Bugle:

As a sports fisherman, I pay attention to what comes out of the lake.  So when that big black Lab swam ashore and joined our barbeque, I got curious.

The dog’s wearing a tag that says “The Seeing Eye,” but I figure it’s his smelling nose that led him to the cookout.  Another dog tag’s got a Chicago phone number, so we call it.

That’s when I spy this fella standing all alone on the dock and he fishes something out of his pocket right when my wife dials the number.  And she asks whoever answers if he has a big black dog and the fella says he had a big black dog and do we have him now?  And my wife says yes we do and is he the guy standing all alone on the dock.  And he says yes he is and asks if we wouldn’t mind walking towards him with the dog while he walks toward us.  And my wife asks if she shouldn’t tie a string to his collar for a leash, but he tells her no, just carry a bratwurst and the dog will follow.

So when we meet up with the fella, he acts like we’ve brought back his lost kid.  He doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry or hit the kid or hug him.  And it turns out the fella is blind and it’s his guide dog and the dog loves to swim and the fella doesn’t have the heart to say no but that now he’s going to suspend the dog’s swimming privileges.  That’s when we know that dog sure belongs to that fella with that Chicago phone number, because only a city fella would say “suspend his swimming privileges.”  Anybody from these parts would just say he’d “keep the damn dog out of the lake.”

And that’s the big news from this year’s Memorial Day cookout.

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7 Responses to Big Fish Story

  1. Well, Jeff, you’re right. There’s a reason why his name is Randy.

  2. farrboot says:

    Thanks, Jeff, for my much needed morning laugh-out-loud. You know how to tell a story!

  3. Jenny T says:

    Ah, this story reminds me of my own recent trip to a lake in Northern Michigan. Blazer jumped into the water from my uncle’s boat, and he had a blast. And just like your impish one, food and promises of homemade baked treats were the incentives for Blazer’s return to the boat. Thanks for a wonderful story. Reading your words helps me to relax during long days with my clients. I am so glad that you share your words with us. Jenny and her crazy guidedog Blazer

  4. Janel says:

    Great story for a Monday

  5. bethfinke says:

    Reblogged this on Safe & Sound blog and commented:
    I just learned how to “reblog” a post I read that I think you Safe & Sound blog readers might appreciate as much as I do. What better way to try this out than to reblog this post by my writer friend Jeff:Add your thoughts here… (optional)

  6. Laura Gale says:

    Saw this on Safe & Sound blog and wanted to say “well done” for reuniting the dog and its owner!

  7. mary kaye says:

    I’m with the dog! would follow a brat anywhere. mgk

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