A Cold Winter’s Night

When the Polar Vortex hits, our menagerie migrates to our marital bed.  Two adults, two cats and a big, black dog having a sleepover, bundled in the 320-watt, dual-control electric blanket.  I ask my wife, “Hot enough for you, Honey?”

Hmmm, hrumph.”

“Speak up, Dear, you’re all muffled.”

“Hahee hah hmy heh,” says my wife.  She’s saying, “Harvey’s on my head,” Harvey being our elderly, uninsulated cat.

Mulligan, our fifteen-pounder, climbs atop me and starts doing that front paw push thing cats do when they’re feeling connected.  I lift him off my bladder and place him on my wife.  “Mulligan will give you a back rub, Dear.”

“Phayn hoo, muhhuggun.”

“Has he found that really sore spot, Honey?”

“A lihhull lohuh, pleahh.”  I move Mulligan down a few inches.

On the outer rim of the bed, side by side with my wife, Randy the dog gives himself a Saturday night lick bath.  Slurp, smack, snort, sigh.  His head plops down.  He’s out.

The animals flock to my wife’s side of the bed because it’s toasty over there.  My side has no warmth.  I press the power button.  A light’s supposed to come on, but I can’t see it if it does.  I press the Hot button a few times.  In a while, I’ll either still be cold or be poached.  Then I’ll press the buttons some more until I get it right.

The Polar Vortex settles on my side of our marital bed.  My wife sleeps.  Harvey snores lightly.  Mulligan splays out.  Randy chases the rabbit of his dreams.  I lie awake and wait for the blanket to do whatever it’s going to do.  I hope to fall asleep soon.  Sleep does not come easily tonight.  I’d count sheep but the bed’s full as it is.

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3 Responses to A Cold Winter’s Night

  1. bethfinke says:

    That last line is PURRRRR fect.

  2. Pam says:

    Dear Jeff and Randy, I want to thank you immensely for your incredible blog! I just started training yesterday as an ILS for the blind. I think I can gain more from your beautifully written blog than any formal education one could possibly attain. You are such a poignant writer and your words go so deep into my heart and soul. I love your positivity and honesty. My daughter is an O and M instructor who received her Masters from San Francisco University. She loves her job as an independent contractor for the State of California. She told me there was an ILS opening at the Blind Center where she works out of in Fresno Calif. I immediately knew that was my calling. I searched for blogs of the visually impaired or totally blind. I started reading many but as I came upon yours I found myself immersed for hours on end! I will be a better person for having read all your blog posts and will be a better teacher for the sighted and visually impaired for having done so!
    Thank you so very much for sharing your life with other so that we may all benefit and rearrange our attitudes about life in general!
    Pam Blasco Age 59
    Kingsburg Calif.
    A sighted singer who loves people period.

    • Jeff Flodin says:

      Thank you , Beth, for your constant support and encouragement. and thank you, Pam, for sharing your feelings. Your comments made my day. We’re all trying to be better and to bshed a little light and, in this case, bring a little warmth into our world.

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