Life Lesson #705

With grim determination, my wife pursues a master’s degree.  “I am totally intimidated by the Statistics course syllabus,” she tells me.  “I don’t know any of that stuff.”

“How could you know?” I reply.  “You haven’t taken the course yet.”

“But I can’t even understand what they’re telling me I’ll learn,” she says.  “I should have some inkling, some clue, based on my education in life.”

“Education in the life of statistics?” I say.  “I thought that was reserved for statisticians.”

“You’ve got something there,” she says.  “Thank you for reminding me about all the shame I carry.”

”Shame?” I say.  “My intent was not to dredge up shame.”

“Shame, the acronym for ‘Should Have Already Mastered Everything.’”

“Wait a minute!” I say.  “Tell that to me one more time, and slowly, please.”

“Shame.  The belief that I Should.  Have.  Already.  Mastered.  Everything.”

“You may not know it,” I say, “but you just summed up my entire approach to life.  This is huge.  Epic.  You know, I get down on myself for not doing this blindness thing better.  How could I know?  I had no experience with blindness until blindness became my experience.  But I figure I should know.  Innately.  Instinctually.  Somehow.  The hell with trial and error.  I want to know it all beforehand.”

“You’re learning,” says my wife.  “I see you struggle.  You know, Honey, blindness is not the most troublesome issue.  It’s the pride, the perfection, the pressure.  The shame, if you will.  I know this only because I know it in myself.”

“You are so right,” I say.  “That syllabus for the Blindness course just about sent me around the bend.  Thank you for the dose of perspective.  I can see clearly now, so to speak.”

“No charge,” says my wife.

“Heck,” I say, “even Randy had to learn how to be a guide dog, right?  And I’m a lot smarter than he is.”

Keep talking and maybe I’ll believe you,” says my wife.  “There’s wisdom in silence and, Honey, I’ve never heard Randy bark.”


About secondsense

Second Sense works in partnership with our clients, providing support and training to help them move beyond vision loss to an active, productive life full of possibilities.
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2 Responses to Life Lesson #705

  1. this was totally brilliant! It makes me want to make a syllabi on how to be blind.

  2. Candi says:

    Great post! Thanks

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