If We Never Meet Again

Hi Dave,

Happy Birthday to you!  Seventy, you say?  Yikes!  And me turning 65.  Time flies whether you’re having fun or not.  Speaking of time, can you believe it’s been five years since we were at The Seeing Eye together, you with Kenny and me with Randy?  Randy turned seven last month and continues to charge through life unhindered.  It was so sad about Kenny’s cancer.  A dog’s short life made even shorter.  But with Speedy, you sound like you have a great partner.  He must be about four now, right?

Everyone has a dog story and here’s mine for today.  Randy has this habit of veering toward the curb as if he needs to go, then when out of harness, he just stands there and stares at me.  Sometimes he will pull this stunt 4-5 times on a long walk, which gets annoying.  I wonder if he thinks I have to go.  That’s very considerate of him, but on hot days, I really just want to go home, have a glass of iced tea and take my prostate medicine.

It’s always great to swap emails with you, Dave.  I just had the thought that people who become friends during a shared month at The Seeing Eye really do not look forward to a reunion at that north Jersey location because it would mean that each has lost a beloved dog, either to death or retirement.  And, while I know that dogs don’t live forever, the prospect of Randy going down saddens me.  So, let’s keep up our correspondence because, in one sense, the farther we stay apart, the better off we are.  Does that make sense?

Hope you celebrate your birthday safely.  Keep your multitude of birthday candles from starting another California wildfire and I’ll avoid the second Great Chicago Fire with mine.  Deal?



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One Response to If We Never Meet Again

  1. David von Hemert says:

    Jeff – either you sent this message to the wrong email address or I’m older than I think… but I did have a birthday last week so perhaps you also sent my present to the wrong address. In any case, glad you still have Randy’s company during the dog days of August. It’s hotter than blazes in Providence; hard to believe I don’t have central air at my age and stage. Best – the other Dave

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