The Brighter Side of Blindness

Two men walk into a barn.  “Sure stinks in here,” says the first.  “There’s a pony here somewhere,” says the second.  This story is a metaphor for blindness.  Sure, it stinks, but there’s always the possibility of a pony ride.

Here’s my Top Twenty Reasons to Be Cheerful:

  1. When I clean the house, everything looks spotless.
  2. I’m spared videos of other peoples’ kids’ birthday parties and snapshots from Cousin Todd’s awesome vacation.
  3. I never have food spots on my tie.
  4. I can pretend my dog didn’t just do what I think he did.
  5. I can butt in line and get away with it, whether I know it or not.
  6. Every female voice, except those ravaged by Southern Comfort and Marlboros, sounds like it would fit nicely in a size six little black dress.
  7. No American male has a beer belly, “Born to Be Wild” tattoos or a pop-top-pierced nose.
  8. The number written on the inside of all my belts is “32.”
  9. I can say I read Playboy for the fiction and not be called a liar.
  10.  It’s fine not knowing what the Kardashian girls look like.  Knowing what they sound like is bad enough.
  11. I’m not missing a thing when, with the world’s knowledge at my fingertips, I don’t constantly stream puppy videos and pictures of food.
  12. I can tell stories that begin with, ”My career as a major leaguer was tragically cut short by…”  or “My promising future in space travel ended sadly when…”
  13. I can get in plenty of silent meditation while listening to Ken Harrelson call a White Sox game.
  14. I enjoy the mystery of wondering what I just stepped in.
  15. Crab grass and real grass are just green stuff.
  16. Looking bewildered isn’t interpreted as evidence of stupidity.
  17. I can employ the counseling technique of “talking to the empty chair” in social settings.
  18. I don’t have to wait ‘til I’m 80 to get helped crossing the street.
  19. I learn self-control by having my patience tested 89 times a day.
  20. I can just smile at, “If that blind guy can do it, I sure as hell can,” which is really a veiled insult as insidious as being called “a credit to his race.”

Now that you’ve heard mine, what does your gratitude list look like?

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4 Responses to The Brighter Side of Blindness

  1. Kent Flodin says:

    I love this post, Jeff. My list begins with …
    I just celebrated my fourth anniversary at the Carbone Cancer Clinic.


  3. Andrea says:

    My gratitude list begins with- Number 1. I’m grateful to have Jeff’s hilarious insights to start my day. Thanks for the laughs!

  4. Judi Farrell-Booth says:

    I love your sense of humor!
    Did I mention I share some of your stories w/grandson who graduated School of Journalism & Communications Univ. Of Iowa last year? Hope you don’t mind. We both like your style.

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