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Fill My Eyes

Last night, in Dreamland, I addressed the Annual Meeting of the Arbuthnot Society, comprised of blank stares atop black suits, white shirts and red power ties. I pitched an idea which gained no traction: the notion I could string together … Continue reading

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My Mother’s Corona Hairdo

From my childhood, I retain the image of my mother’s date book. It scheduled her days and chronicled her life: Saturday night dinner dances, birthdays of fringe relatives and friends’ cats. One entry was habitual and sacred, expressed by only … Continue reading

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The Man Who Walks His Dog to Wrigley Field

In the past half year, I’ve lost my wife, my brother and my dog.  I’ve wept with sorrow, then waxed philosophical.  I’ve put one foot in front of the other on the treadmill, then sat stock still staring at nothing.  … Continue reading

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Oh, My

The summer of 2019 found my wife, Mary, and my brother, Kent, on hospice care for cancer.  While I stayed with Mary in our home, I corresponded with Kent by email.  A week after Mary’s death, I sent this email … Continue reading

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We Talked It Over with Randy

This time last year, in the midst of the Polar Vortex, Randy submitted his letter of resignation as my Seeing Eye dog: Dear Jeff, we’ve been a team for nine years… and that’s a long time in dog years. We’ve … Continue reading

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Elevator Music for the Soul — A Flashback

Mary and I are in the elevator in the senior high-rise we’re learning to call home. We’re having trouble adjusting to this place. It’s so different from the home we knew.  At this moment, we’re witnessing the mayhem of octogenarians … Continue reading

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Laughing Fit to Burst

As my wife’s cancer progressed, as her prognosis dwindled from months to weeks, she slept sixteen, eighteen hours a day.  One evening, toward sunset, as Mary dozed, I lay beside her, wondering what in the world would happen next. I … Continue reading

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Sliding into the Deep Pool

My wife’s name was Mary.  Mary lived with metastatic breast cancer and, though cancer has taken her life, her spirit remains within me and, I believe, within the hearts of so many people she touched with kindness.  As her days … Continue reading

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Above It All

The aroma of coffee leads me to my wife, perched on the window seat, thirty-four floors above it all.  She’s taking in the view that brought us here, the view that nourishes her. “How’s it looking?” “I’m in the midst … Continue reading

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Lord Knows, I Can Change

Four months ago, my wife and I moved into “The Home.” Our mantra from day one has been, “This is going to take some getting used to.”  Yet we settle in—slowly, like mud in the Mississippi.  Big wheel, keep on … Continue reading

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