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The Man Who Walks His Dog to Wrigley Field

In the past half year, I’ve lost my wife, my brother and my dog.  I’ve wept with sorrow, then waxed philosophical.  I’ve put one foot in front of the other on the treadmill, then sat stock still staring at nothing.  … Continue reading

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The Fear of What Hasn’t Happened

When I was diagnosed with RP three decades ago and was told I would go blind, my first thought was that the world would end.  It hasn’t. When I stopped driving, I figured I’d become house-bound, isolated and withdrawn, that … Continue reading

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Invisible Ink

Every other Monday for five years, rain or shine, I posted a Jalapenos story.  I wrote comedies about dogs and tragedies about people.  High or low, I wrote—136 stories in all.  Then, at holiday season last year, life overwhelmed our … Continue reading

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Elvis Costello Meets St. Francis

My wife says I’m fixated at adolescence; I tell her that keeps me young.  Back in the Sixties, when my chronology matched my maturity, I sang “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood,” a Top 40 hit by The Animals.  “I’m just … Continue reading

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Common Denominator

My wife is feeling the effects of major surgery.  I am contending with a common cold.  We haven’t energy beyond eat, feed the animals, rest.  We stick to basics and concentrate on core matters.  We defer details to a later … Continue reading

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If I Could See for Just One Day

  Here’s what I’d do if I could see again. For one glorious winter day, I’d examine snowflakes for subtle differences. I’d get impressed by Impressionists hanging around the Art Institute.  I’d take a few slap shots wearing my red … Continue reading

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Miracle Cure

Thirty years ago, when the doctors told me I was  genetically out of whack and would lose my eyesight, I told them, “Well, that takes my mind off losing my hair.”  Everyone chuckled, but their punch line, “There is no … Continue reading

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A Note of Gratitude

After twenty years of swimming against the tide of blindness, I washed up on the doorstep of the Guild for the Blind.  Their newsletter had announced, “Support Group Forming,” and, true to my penchant for denial, I had said, “I … Continue reading

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The Sound of Silence

The first time I listened to Beethoven’s Fifth, my father said, “Listen for the silence.  It says as much as the sound.”  It was thus, as a ten-year-old, I listened to our young President say, “Let the word go forth, … Continue reading

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The Payoff

This story has a back story.  In the last Jalapenos blog, called “Learning the Hard Way,” I cited Malcolm Gladwell.  Gladwell says that compensation learning, that is, learning despite a difficulty, is more powerful than learning which comes easily.  Compensation … Continue reading

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