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I Need To Learn Braille Better

We get on the elevator, Sherlock and me.  Sherlock is my guide dog.  We’re at the third floor of five.  We want to go down to the first floor.  The door slides shut.  Nothing happens.  I press the bottom button.  … Continue reading

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While most people equate sun with fun, I prefer overcast.  This is not a mood disorder, for I radiate a sunny disposition.  Rather, this is a matter of perception.  A good, solid overcast removes glare from daylight and softens shadows … Continue reading

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“April is the cruelest month,” writes the poet Eliot, and April hit me with another round of vision loss.  “RP is blindness at its cruelest; it is the slow death of vision,” writes my friend Beth Finke who, with eyesight … Continue reading

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I turned 65 yesterday.  That makes me a senior citizen.  If you don’t believe me, I can prove it to you. It’s midday of a weekday and the doorbell rings.  I’m expecting a delivery, so I grab my house keys.  … Continue reading

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Some people view losing their eyesight as the end of the world.  Others claim low vision is a mere inconvenience. The authors of the National Low Vision Awareness website write, “People with low vision have difficulty seeing…which makes everyday tasks … Continue reading

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Speaking of Dogs

As I walk this earth, meditatively, with my Seeing Eye Dog, this is what I hear: “Your dog must be super intelligent” – Well, Randy is not brilliant but he’s not stupid either.    He does not use his front paws … Continue reading

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As Franklin Roosevelt’s funeral cortege passed, one mourner fell to his knees. His neighbor, touching the man’s shoulder, asked, “Did you know the President?” “No,” replied the man, “but he knew me.” We all seek connection. In our shared humanity, … Continue reading

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